One piece--OC Douglas D. Joshu v1

Douglas D. Joshu in his most commonly seen outfit


Douglas D. Joshu, JD to his freinds, AKA "Godchid" for his incredible powers, is a Pirate Captain who ate the Bokei Bokei no MI, a powerful paramecia type Devil Fruit that turned him into a Matrix Man, though he prefers being called a Pixel Man for some reason.


Personality and relationships

Joshu is noted as a calm, laid-back indavidual, to the point of being mistaken for arrogance. In truth Joshu is far from arrogant, and is considered a humble man by way of his anti-glorification policies. That is to say that he doesn't brag about himself or his crew, nor does he try to intimidate the enemy through words, but instead uses actions to get his point across. He's not as goofy as other D's, nor is he completely void of an attitude for fun. Instead he's somewhere in between, jovial off the battlefeild, but deadly serious when in a situation like a storm or a battle.

Just after meeting Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates, Joshu was noted to be hesitant and rather insecure in regards to his newfound feelings, such as his love for Pamelia. Before that he could have been described as cold or shell-like, with little to no humanity, much like a Pacifista.


Aside from his formidable Devil fruit powers, Joshu posseses a wide range of skills. He is highly perceptive, being able to notice minute details and peice them together to form a larger picture, which coupled with his photographic memory makes for a superb skill in deduction. He is also incredibly adaptable, coming up with a way around every problem, even if said solution is as outragous as an admiral having afternoon tea with a Yonkou. This extends to his fighting style, where he can produce several new moves or adapt existing ones within the space of one confrontation.

Devil Fruit

Joshu's Bokei Bokei no Mi allows him to manipulate reality itself to the extent that everything acts like it is a virtual simulation, hence his nickname "Godchild". It also allows him to permenantly mimic or outright absorb other devil fruti powers, making him even more versatile than he already is. At the height of it's power the Bokei Bokei no Mi is capable of splitting entire landmasses asunder, which is where Joshu got his nickname from. For more information see the Bokei Bokei no Mi page.


  • Bokei Bokei no Mi means Matrix-Matrix Fruit
  • Joshu's powers were inspired from the character '"Neo" from the Matrix trilogy
  • The Bokei Bokei no Mi resembled an extremely stretched sardine instead of a real fruit.

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