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Dominic D. John

Dominic D. John

Dominic D. John (ドミニクD.ジョン, Dominiku D. Jon) is a Vice Admiral in the navy and a very skilled Rokushiki user.


John is a huge muscular man with spiky blond hair. He wears a black cape over his uniform. He wears a back wristband on his right hand, and has a scar across his chest and to his elbow on the left arm. He has a slight beard.


John is very strict against his lower ranks, and will not hessitate to kill his lowers if they wont follow his orders. He has promised himself to clean the world for pirates, and his goal before that is to become the leader of the World Government. Although he is a Vice-Admiral, he has founded the Chiper Pol 10 and recruited many skilled Rokushiki users, plus Rob Lucci.

Abilities and Powers

John is very strong and fast. He is very skilled with Rokushiki, and uses Rokuogan as a basic move.

Rokushiki Move List




Shigan "Oren"

'Tobu Shigan "Bachi"'

  • Tobu Shigan "Hibachi"
  • Shigan "Madara"




Tekkai "Utsugi"


Rankyaku "Gaicho"

Rankyaku "Sen"

Rankyaku "Rodan"

Rankyaku "Shuriken"


Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan

Self-Made Moves

Rokuogan: Tornado: The user puts both hands on the victim, and twists the victim whie blasting a twisted rokuogan blast and sends the enemy flying.

Rankyaku: Entei: The user quickly scratches his leg to the ground and causes friction warmth, and sends a rankyaku cut coated with blazing fire.

Rankyaku: Kazan: The users send as many cuts as he can under the ground, and sends them up again at the enemy.

Shigan Akuma: Instead of using one finger, he uses all five on one of his hands.

Shigan Akuma: "Oren": The same as Shigan: "Oren", only using Shigan Akuma instead of normal Shigan.

Tekkai: Fumetsu: Just like normal Tekkai, only much, much stronger.

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