Din Akuma
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Din Akuma
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Chasm Pirates, Revolutionaries
Occupations: Shipwright
Epithet: Mistfoot
Japanese VA:
Age: 20
Birthday: November 29
Bounty: 10,000 Beli


Din is a thin, lanky man with sly eyes, short white hair, and a constant 5-o'clock shadow. He is about 5'4", wears a plain-looking grey t-shirt and jeans, and tends to swagger when he walks.


Due to his training, Din has a hard time trusting anyone, even his own captain. As such, he is very cynical and barely relies on anyone. He is supremely confident in himself, however, and only asks for help when he feels that it is impossible to do what he needs help with otherwise. He even sleeps apart from the rest of the crew. He tends to hoard anything of value. This makes him an excellent treasure guard.


Apart from being a great shipwright and a brilliant inventor, Din is very useful in combat. He is trained in Silverfoot, a sort of theif's martial art.


See Silverfoot

Silverfoot is a fighting style that is based around undetectable movement. It is so called because the user focuses their will to move quietly into their feet. This manifests as a silvery mist around their feet and they cannot be heard or tracked while walking using this technique



  • Aren; Gang boss (Din was abandoned as a child and never knew his parents. He joined a street gang on Jaya to compensate.)



  • Aren; Gang boss
  • Ra-Zen; Silverfoot teacher



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