Dim the Dimension Warper is a pirate with a bounty of 325,000,000 beri mainly due to enviormental damaged caused by the Warp Warp No Mi as Dim deforms entire islands and almost everything else on it. The only reason for this is because Dim is a big fan of famous artist Salvador Dali.


Dim was a member of the Longarm Tribe, which means his arms are abnormally long and double jointed. To match his legs, Dim increased the length of his legs, making him 10ft tall.


At age 14, Dim lived on Thriller Bark before it was turned into a ship by Gecko Moria. The depressing landscape made his life depressing until he left the island and went to an art museum. After spending a week away from Thriller Bark, Dim tried to return, but the entire island was gone. However, he found the Warp Warp No Mi hit his boat and ate it. After experimenting with the fruit, he went to an island and completely deformed the landscape with his abillities.

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