Di Caldur

Diana Caldur

Diana Caldur

Diana Caldur is the current Captain of the Golden Apple Pirates 2. She is a native from North Blue and has no pupils, due to Anisocoria. 


Diana, due to her Anisocoria, is not able to show her eyes in public, and thus wears sunglasses outside of the pirate ship. She is sometimes mistaken for Artemis, the goddess of the moon. She has light brown and hair and golden, yellow eyes. She is often seen wearing what seems to be a mix of a catsuit and dress, in all grey, with a grey skirt and stockings, and midnight blue boots that go up to mid-calf. She also piants her nails black and wears finger-less, mid forearm gloves.


Diana is a naturally kind, caring person. She is very timid with strangers, and is one of the only serious people on her ship. Even with ADHD, she logs in all of the ships adventures and tries to keep track of everything. She is very shy and uses big word sthat often leave people confused. She cracks sometimes, under extreme pressure. She is very distracted most of the time, and it has been made clear she doesn't want to by the Captain of the ship, due to the Moon Pirates, but she has agreed to take the postion until they find a better replacment. She is very quiet and speaks only to her best friend, Kaori West, while in public. Contrast to Kaori, Diana can be compared to a mouse.

Ablities and Powers

She has eaten the Tskuki Tskuki Fruit, which allows her to control light and rays of light. Her weapons include her katanna, Himmel and bow and arrows.


Though much of her past is unclear, she met up with Kaori through the Flame Pirates, the first crew Kaori was on. After a spell was put on the crew, Kaori was left blind, badly beaten, and alone. Diana and Kaori both made the Moon Pirates, who later kicked Diana out of the crew because she had not raided any towns or had stolen anything in five months to date. They were on an uncharted island, and met with Madge Griffin, who told them about the Golden Apple Pirates, and allowed them to form the crew again, the Golden Apple Pirates 2, and to date, they have met many freinds and shared in many adventures. A plan was formed between Diana and Lisanna, the shipwright. Lisanna was wanted with a bounty of 400,00,000. She wanted to fake her own death. Diana agreed to the plan, which was then put into action a few weeks later.


  • Diana has extreme sea-sickness
  • Like Madge, she also has a fear of Sea Cucmbers.
  • She favorite food is anything pickled
  • She has been offered the postion of the Shibuki, which she has turned down.