A pirate crew made up of Devil fruit users.


Parasito-The captain of the pirates. He intended to become rich and powerful, but became a pirate after he began saving other devil fruit users from other islands and nations. His real name is unknown but he gos by Parasito; the Spanish word for parasite. Just as his name inplies he ate an unknown devil fruit that gave him the ability to summon parasites.

Tyreck-The first mate. He joined second. He orginally thought he getting a ride to the neigboring nation, but stayed after Crystalia joined. He speaks in a Jamanican accent and has the ability to slow down time. He however cannot control his power so he can only stop time for short periods.

Crystalia-The second mate. She was orginally the princess of a wealthy nation, but was exciled after she killed her parents. She currently has a romantic relationship with Tyreck. Her skin is noticeably a greyish tone. She has the ability to crystalize blood. Further training has led her to be able crystalize any object.

Unknown Name-The chef/musician. At young age he was orphaned. He began to see a talent in music and began performing. He reached stardom in his nation. It was later discovered that he ate devil fruit that allowed him to control sound waves. In his nation it was extremely illegal to eat devil fruit. He was exciled and later joined.

Pistola-The marksman and Parasito's brother. Biologically he's not Parasito's brother. He was created when Parasito's father's gun "ate" the human human fruit. The rsulting effect was Pistola. He has the ability to stay human, but can turn his body into any type of gun. He was saved from slavers. His real name is unknown.

Aya Blayne Garcelle-The doctor and only member that didn't eat a devil fruit. Crystalia was on the verge of dying, but Blayne has refused to cure her. This caused Tyreck to forcably make her join. She stems several Vodou abilitys.

Icer-The ship wright. He was severly trained by monks. After years of training he thought he was a weapon that would rule over his nation, but the monks hold him that the training was to keep and up hold peace. This angered him and caused him to leave. He joined so he could fight. He has the ability to freeze any object.

Lizzy-The navigator. Orginally an adult actress that was exciled from her land because she ate a devil fruit. Her devil fruit allowed her to use a form of mind control that allowed her to increase "pleasure". She used this ability to get people to by her magazines and other merchantdice. She seems to only stem the ability to control people by manulipating their desires, but can't control anything else. She joined because she thought of it as a vacation.

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