Davy D. Jason
Davy D. Jason also known as Jason the Enigma.He is the son of Davy Jones. He is a pirate looking for Monkey D. Luffy so to join his crew. He ate the Chikara Chikara no Mi becoming a living laser. His only weakness is because he ate the Chikara Chikara no Mi he can't sleep, it dosen't weaking him only if he is in contact with sea stone he will sleep for all the sleep he miss. His Devil Fruit is based mostly on the powers in Dragon Ball Series. He said he would be the crews lookout and scientist.


Jason wears a Black Bandanna over his blood red hair, He has red snake-like eyes and grins most of the time except when he serious. He also wears a long black sleeveless coat with the straw hat jolly roger on the back, with a t-shirt with a grim reaper on it. He also wears long black pant with black cowboy boots under the pants leg.


He acts a little goofy sometimes, but he show some real intellect. For instance nobody knows this because Admiral Akainu (Sakazuki) is embarrassed by it. he thought he was a low level pirate intell Jason used his power to manipulate Psychic energy to do Hydrokinesis to make a bubble of water to turn his magma fist into black stone that Jason proceed to smash. Thanks to Akainu's Devil Fruit being a logia, he regrow a new arm, after that Jason disappeared. He is also loyal to his friends.

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