Dark Moon Pirates
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English Name: Dark Moon Pirates
Main Ship: Charon
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The Dark Moon Pirates are a small group of people all persecuted by their homes, the Navy, or some other source of power. They're just starting out on their adventure and, thus, have not earned their bounties just yet. They originate from the West Blue.

Crew Members

Captain: Hendricks D. Vincent
Swordsman: Musashi “Kai” Malakai
Cabin Girl: Alice Riddle
Scout: Carol
Navigator: Densuke
Cook: Brutus
Sniper: Flint
Intelligence Officer: Niles
Doctor: Rika
Musician: Leanne
Shipwright: Tina


The crew's ship is named Charon, after the ferryman of Greek myth. It is made out of a special wood called "Blackwood," with a high resin content that makes the ship heavier, but more hardy and able to weather most storms, and stains the wood black. It's masthead is in the shape of an owl's head. Tina has spent the past 5 years building it with the help of her workmates on her home island.

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