Daniel Washington, aka "Pressure Blast" is a scientist who joins the Silver Stream Alliance and subsequently breaks away with Abel, Aisha, Chi-Po, and Cole.


Washingotn wears olive coveralls adorned with orange-brown loops and straps and buttons. He wears faded yellow leather gloves and Black and Yellow Muck Boots. In addition he wears a pair of specialized goggles that zoom. He weras a weird backpack that is odly hight tech with two tubes that connetc to a pair of what look like gravity fed spray guns that her carries in his belt. His hair is a dirty brown with some grease in it all the time.


He tends to be kind of a slob and has very bad table manners. He rarely bathes so he often smells of the tools he uses. When he does bath he bathes using pressurized water. He is very funny and has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh. He is also mockingly arrogant at times.

Abilities and Powers

The backpack he wields is a machine he designed that compresses air and water so that it can shoot out the guns he uses. These attacks are rather limited to range and width but can be quitew powerful, although not enough to take down seriously powerful fighters. He has not other abilities.

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