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Dalmyo Axellus is a member of the Saint Elysia Pirates and personal companion to Kenta Senmaru, primarily utilized in stratagy and analysis of the field.
Japanese Name
D-Dalmyo Axelerator-4.
English Name
Dalmyo Axellus.
Other Titles
Analyst, Pirate


Programmed with the NAIL system, Dalmyo is capable of rapidly processing a range of electrical choices most likely to achieve his desired path to "success", whatever that may be at the moment. He recognizes Kenta as his creator and will often listen to his word, but if their opinion over "success" varies Dalmyo is quite capable of striking out his own method and ignoring the humans command.

To consider Dalmyo alive is an error, but he does possess a degree of real personality at the spark of his programming.

Abilities and Powers

Being 92% machine, Dalmyo naturally has greater endurance and strength than a human would. This is greatly amplified even further due in part to the Axelerator engine series placed throughout his frame, containing no less than ten such engines. Two are located in each leg, with two more in each shoulder down to the elbow, three more within his torso and the final within his cranium.

These engines boost his productivity by roughly 200% of their natural output, though he can only focus them on a single nature at a time; be it his strength, physical agility, defense, or flat-out-speed in any of it's myriad definitions-- both mental and physical.

His frame is built from a crossfusion of four primary elements; Eooniu Zinc, Seidust Viper bone, Azurstall, and lastly Smelted Steel. Once blended and cast it insures the skeletol system can resist extreme crushing pressure, but the weight of it makes it very hard for him to move about without the Axelerator engines being set to speed at all times.


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