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Dai Zen(Grand Zen, or Grand Meditation) is the minor city that is home to the Alder San. Located two kilometers beneath the Tower of Oars, it is a sprawling fusion of wood, stone, and plant life.

The second-most revered of the Alder San people dwell here and are unable to undertake the Journey of Orochi-olmo, also known as the Trials of Ten after the ten original monks, except for under exceptional circumstances.

Since it's founding only six have been chosen and they have never returned to share it's secrets.

As spoken of above concerning the city wood flows into plant; plant wraps about stone; and stone supports and weighs down upon wood in a unique mesh not found any where else in the New World.

The trifection is not flawless, however. Plants eventually age and die like anything else and seperated-- or exiled essentially from their own home, they lose the will to go on living within several years time.

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