The Crook Pirates are a small group of pirates founded by Vectis D. Verde. They currently number only 4 but are still not to be underestimated.

Vectis D. Verde "Crook" (Captain) Crooks, Dials, Sho Ten Kao, unnamed Cactus based Devil Fruit, Superhuman Traits, Awakened Busoshoku Haki (Captain/Cook) Robert Salvo "Time bomb" Cannons, Combust Combust Fruit (Shipwright) Markrow Codia "Raven Arrow" Snipe Snipe Fruit (Marksman) Kyoko "Picasso" Swords, Art Art Fruit (Archaelogist)

Though there current abilitites are largely unknown it is noted that all four have Devil Fruit abilites and the captain has become one of the Seven Shooting Stars.

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