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Clairanne McBelle


Karui Ken
Pirate, Captain
Skewer Pirates
60,000,000 Beli (latest)
Hell's Belle

Clairanne McBelle is the captain and weapon smith of the Skewer Pirates. She has made only one weapon for herself but enjoys making them for others. She can sometimes be annoying and proud, but there's still a caring side of her. It is not known if any of her family is dead or alive, except for her grand parents, who taught her to forge weapons.


She is often lazy and joking. But, in battle, she's dead serious. For her age, she is surprisingly cocky and believes she can win most fights, which is how she continues sailing. She relies on people often and is not afraid to speak her opinion. If she gets joked on, she'll defend herself, sometimes making the joke more hilarious. In the company of friends, she's her usual self. Around strangers, she's more standoff-ish and can accuse almost any man of being a pervert. In battle, she becomes serious and stronger, able to be more independent.


She lived in a rich family, but they were very distant and almost never talked, except for business meetings or family outings. Eventually, the family fell apart and Clairanne lived with her grand parents. She'd spend most of her days listening to her grandmother's tales of when she was a pirate and practicing making weapons with her grandfather. The first weapon she ever made was Karui Ken, and never made another weapon for her sense then. Eventually, she gathered the courage to leave and become a pirate. Her first crew member was Tochiko Noumi, one of her only friends. As they got set, they gained 15 more crew members and entered the grand line.

Powers & Abilities


Karui Ken


Her only weapon is Karui Ken, which she made for herself. It was her first weapon but as she got more experienced, she tweaked it multiple times. Now, I can shoot a maximum of 20 bullets, and is quite durable. 


  • Though spending most of her life with her grandparents, she still carries her snobby attitude from when she lived in a rich family
  • She wanted to eat a Devil fruit, but was too afraid of not being able to swim.

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