is the Navigator of the Blackjack Pirates. She was originally as a enemy of Jackie before joining the crew. She is the third member of the crew to join. She was also the first member to have been a former villain. She ate the Kachi Kachi no Mi.


Cielis a tall, attractive young woman with neck lengh yellow-gold hair and a sharp pointed bang that goes down the middle of her face and slants down half way toward he left cheek. She frequently wears casual plain white dresses usually with shorts and a tank top underneath. Ciel sometimes wears a heart necklace that belonged to her "old" self.

Abilities and Powers

Her unique skills are telepathy, memory manipulation and immortality, due to her abilities her age cannot be determined because she gained immorality at the age of 18. She is capable of being killed by conventional means, only to instantly heal and regenerate the area. Her abilities extend to the point where she can touch a person and learn everything about them. When in close proximity to another person, can afflict them with a hallucinatory experience of chaotic and ominous images, pertaining in part to the memories of the target involved; the content varies with the afflicted.

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