Much like the modern day trait known as the Will of D., the Choice of R. existed in a select few of the Ancient Worlds people, though it was not nearly as influential as the former would become.


Unlike the above mentioned Will of D., whose ability granted one the capability to alter their own destiny and those about them in strange ways, the Choice of R. meant that one had the potential for great redemption of that which was lost, the literial choice of Revival.

Also unlike those who bare "D" as a middle initial, those with the Choice actively understand what the "R" in their names stand for and the capabilities it is possible of undoing after a certain threshold has been passed within their lives.


Those with the middle initial of R will someday face a decision with the chance of redeeming something precious, be it to they themselves or ones they knew to their heart. If they acted on the Choice than they could revive practically anything; a dying person not yet gone, a collapsing civilization still on the edge of demise, or even their own lost will to live as the three most well known uses.

But it came at a terrible cost. Who ever so used the Choice of R. would lose the chance of a greater destiny someday. They literially sacrificed their futures to bring a future to something lost. Sometimes two baring the initial of R could save one or the other if they were so willing to be condemned to a life of lesserness in return.

If someone rejected the Choice when it came, they were left with heightened guilt and in some cases depression, an edge that could never be removed without the aide of a fellow Choice barer's aide regardless of what achivements that they claimed throughout their lifetime.


The first known human to bare the Choice of R. was Fengnu R. Shi, and he accepted the Choice to revive his peoples failing society on the island chain of Orm Shinsei. He was able to craft a standing legacy following the tragic sacrifice of his son, the next to bare the Choice of R, and may even have had a hand in the working of the Will of D.

It began to occur here and there throughout the Ancient World from time to time before the Void Century wiped them from the face of the earth.

Raphae unknowningly has this trait laying dormant in his blood, baring a great and terrible decision in his future: His choice must fall between saving Inta from death or going on to abolish the rule of the Tenryubito, bringing to wake the fullest of his Kimienjou traits and reviving Orm Shinsei and the Fei`ou in the modern world through his truly royal blood.

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