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Chiri Chiri no Mi/Techniques
Onoki vs sasuke by tsotne senpai-d5tldd5
Japanese Name: Chiri Chiri no Mi
English Name: Dust Dust Fruit
Meaning: Dust
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Ryuu Tsubasa

Pre Timeskip

  • Chiri Chiri no Maku(幕塵 "Dust Curtain"): Ryuu throws dust from his mouth that joins becomes a huge curtain dust that covers everything around.
  • Chiri Chiri no Satsuei (撮影塵 "Shooting Dust"): Ryuu focusing dust in your mouth then you can shoot it at a speed able to drill a wall.
  • Chiri Chiri no Seisan (生産塵 "Dust Producer"): Flocking his strength Ryuu can turn stones or even water in dust and if he wants can absorb it to heal or regenerate wounds.
  • Chiri Chiri no Yari (槍塵 "Dust Spear"): Using Ryuu dust around you can make you treansforme as a coming boom floor that pierces opponent.
  • Chiri Chiri no Ono (斧塵 "Dust Axe"): Using dust around you Ryuu can make an ax then can launch against the opponent.
  • Chiri Chiri no Shīrudo (シールド塵 "Dust Shield"): Using dust around you Ryuu makes her join their turn to defend any attack. This attack can also be used for other proteguer or even the ship.
  • Chiri Chiri no Yamārashi (ヤマアラシ塵 "Dust Hedgehog"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Hitsugi (棺塵 "Dust Coffin"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Desu hitsugi (デス棺塵 "Dust Coffin of Death"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Kyūbu ryūshi (キューブ粒子塵 "Dust Cube particles"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Ensui ryūshi (円錐粒子塵 "Dust Cone particles"):

Post Timeskip

  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Maku(ギガント·カーテン塵 "Gigant Dust Curtain"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Satsuei (ギガント撮影塵 "Gigant Shooting Dust"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Seisan (ギガント生産塵 "Gigant Dust Producer"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Yari (ギガント槍塵 "Gigant Dust Spear"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Ono (ギガント斧塵 "Gigant Dust Axe"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Shīrudo (ギガント·シールド塵 "Gigant Dust Shield"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Yamārashi (ギガントヤマアラシ塵 "Gigant Dust Hedgehog"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Hitsugi (ギガント棺塵 "Gigant Dust Coffin"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Gigant Desu hitsugi (ギガントデス棺塵 "Gigant Dust Coffin of Death"):
  • Chiri Chiri no Ryūshi desutoroiyā (粒子デストロイヤー "Dust Particle Destroyer"):

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