Title Venus Tuesti, Cheruib, The Dividend Goddess
Age unknown
Height 5,8
Weight 112lbs
Weapon Oath to Faith
Devil Fruit Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Tenrou
Laterality Right
Home The Moon
Elemental Color White
Primary Role The Standing Throne
Special Ability Reincarnation
Allies None
Family Unknown
Dividend Goddess

Cheruib, The Dividend Goddess also known as Venus Tuesti is the final member of the Reunion Triad and its only female member, she stands parallel to Seraphinum who burns with passion by remaining calm and peaceful and opposes Orphan who shies away from the world by filling it with her transcendent light. After the first reunion she became filled with a horrible penance and fled to the moon to weep for forgiveness for her role in the war. Only after enel landed on the moon did she realize it has her only chance to return to the earth where she might make amends, after defeating Enel she learns of the second Reunion and travels to Sypeia to stop her fellow Reunioners.

I shall mourn the dead, Forever.


  • Cheruib’s name is taken from the Christian hierarchy of angles, the Cherubim, who were said to guard the holy spirits of the living and dead.
  • Cheruib’s real name is taken from the animated series Big O, and based off one of the four primary Big’s, the bird who’s wings were clipped and became the beast from which it evolved, Big Venus.

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