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Caulfield D. Alex
Name=Caulfield D. Alex
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name:
First Appearance:
Occupations: Leader of the Mercenary Group "Melting Statues"
Epithet: "Death Clay"
Japanese VA:
Age: 22
Birthday: {{{birth}}}
Height: 5' 11"
Bounty: 28,000,000 Beli
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: [Nendo Nendo No MI]
English Name: Clay Clay Fruit
Meaning: Clay
Type: Logia

Leader of the Melting Statues


He is slightly muscular with skin lightly tanned, he keeps his dark hair cut just below his ears in a shaggy pattern and has brown eyes that seem crimson. He usually wears a black outfit with trenchcoat and gloves, save for his shirt which tend to be differing shades of brown.


He takes whatever jobs he can get, usually turning a blind eye to the legality as long as it isn't anything truly immoral such as slavery. He tends not to pick fights unless he has to, but he's very eager to finish them. He is a fair bit reckless and tends to care little for things like honor and fairness. He's protective of his crew, and considers any attack on them a personal assault. He tends to joke around and be carefree but he can get serious when necessary. He tends to be cynical when it comes to the World Goverment, and isn't fond of them for various reasons.






Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Alex ate the Nendo Nendo No Mi, meaning he's a clay man, able to turn into and control clay.

Devil Fruit Attacks


Nendo Kobushi (Clay Fist): Alex fires off a chunk of clay from his hand, which has the same amount of damage as a normal punch

Nendo Gatoringu (Clay Gatling): Alex creates hundreds of small clay balls that he then hardens and sends flying at his opponent at fast speeds.

Nendo Suraisu (Clay Slice): Alex turns his leg into a blade and kicks out with hit, slicing at his opponent.,

Nendo Supaku (Clay Spike): Alex shoots spikes up from the ground in a wave going away from him

Tate No Nendo (Shield of Clay): Alex blocks an attack with a solid clay wall, however this only protects from frontal attacks and can be broken with a powerful enough attack

Nendo Netto (Clay Net): Alex shoots out a glob of clay which wraps around his opponent

Doragon No Nendo (Dragon of Clay): Alex creates a large clay dragon, which then rushes toward the opponent, enveloping them.



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