Age 34
Birth name Catharsis
Also known as The Deluvial Wraith
Birth Date October 5
Height (5'10")
Origin Medical Grove
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Former captian of The Trusdial Pirates, Pirate
Love none
Affiliation The Trusdial Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10 890,000,000
Devil Fruit Kaen Kaen no Mi

Catharsis is the the former captian of The Trusdial Pirates. He currently resides on the highst level of Kairoseki Island, known as the "Blank Veranda," for attemptied assassination of a Gorousei.

“I’m taking your Love, one Heart at a time.”


Catharsis is a tall extremely attractive young man with a well defended body and a fiery disposition. He has mid-length reddish brown hair that complement his sterling blue eyes. He has several outfits most of which are fitted shirts with long cargo pants. At often times West will go without his shirt just for the fun of showing off his physique. He has coined a smile that send shivers up ones spine and a aura which can set forest ablaze.


Originally Catharsis was a kind happy young man who’s heart spilled fourth the purest of light. Amore once speculated that their pure energies are what originally drew Catharsis and Adduneihu to one another. Through their relationship Catharsis evolved into a brave loving soul. His only mission became protecting Adduneihu and keeping their future safe.

As time went on West became more and more possessiveand crule with his strenght, he tosses aside all compassion to draw in raw power, his rage and feareful anger soon made all people abandon him. Alone and angry he sook to take the world for himsef. In an act of madness Catharsis thought himself the highest being and seeks to deatroy the rulers of the world

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