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Calele (カレール, Karēru) or as he is more commonly known, Kal (カル, Karu) is


While he is certainly not a large person (especially when compared to most of the other characters in One piece) he is shown to posses a physique with a considerable amount of lean muscle mass not often seen in men his age.


Typically, Kal is a very easy going, care free and flamboyant person who doesn't take things or himself too seriously. He is often underestimated because of his lax and indifferent attitude, size and lack of notoriety. Kal has displayed quite a perverse side, referring to Damien as double D's because the initials in his name are both D's. He sometimes wears a shirt with the word oppai (おっぱい, meaning "tits") on it and he. Despite his sometimes silly and usually easy going nature, he has displayed quite a dark side, behaving in a much more stoic and severe manner when enraged. When he gets like this he becomes quite terrifying and those around him feel greatly intimated, as stated by Damien "it's like he's a completely different person".

Kal has been shown to be very humble,


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Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Having no devil fruit, Kal relies primarily on his physical prowess and martial arts expertise to fight. From a very young age Kal has been following a rigorous training regime, which consist mainly of gruelling body weight exercises in addition to hard martial arts training. Kal possesses a seemingly limitless amount of physical strength, speed and stamina as well as an incredible amount of durability bordering on potential invulnerability. Though without any special abilities, Kal's amazing physical prowess allows him to achieve superhuman feats time after time and fight the strongest adversaries.

He is physical very powerful, being able to throw powerful punches and kicks with enough force to break bones and smash through walls. He can fight opponents many times larger than himself. His strength is such that he can greatly injure and even kill highly durable opponents. Using his immense strength he can leap tremendous heights and distances. He can exert enough force with just two oh his fingers in order to completely crush a bullet.

His speed has been displayed many times, he has used it to run down a massive tree to save a burger he was having for lunch and run back up said tree without any on-lookers noticing he had even done so. Kal is so fast that he can run across water, up the sides of mountains and buildings and he leaves behind afterimages when moving at especially high speeds. His speed is such that he can chose the precise moment to strike a logia-type devil fruit user between their intangibility phases. He is agile enough to dodge dozens of attacks at once without getting so much as a scratch on him if he is serious. He can even dodge attacks as fast as Borsalino's several light-based attacks (which are supposedly performed at the speed of light) with just his immense speed and reaction time. Because of the arduous training he has been doing since he was young, Kal is incredibly well-conditioned and possesses an absurd amount of stamina.

His durability has been tested more time than one can count, he has fallen from unreal heights and survived; large buildings, mountains, and even the sky island have all resulted in little more than some minor bruising. When he landed in Marineford, he created a huge shock wave and immense tremors on the surface of the harbour. He has survived being poisoned, shot, stabbed, multiple broken bones and damaged organs. He has an inhuman pain tolerance, not bothering to recognize the potentially life-threating injuries he has frequently dealt with and instead pressing forward as if nothing had happened. Even while in an almost death-like state, he is still able to battle against strong enemies and even fight with improved skill, tenacity, and a clear head.

Fighting Style

Kal is a prolific martial artist and extraordinary fighter, who adapts to combat and uses the advantage of the opponent's weak spots to give himself the upper advantage in fights. Using his physical prowess and fight IQ he is able to overwhelm and incapacitate multiple highly skilled opponents very quickly. His learning ability allows him to learn countermeasures for other people's fighting styles by observing their movements. Kal can repel the attacks of his opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power.

Fighting Styles

Having being exposed to combat and harsh conditions as well as a tough training regime since a young age, Kal is an extraordinary fighter who adapts to combat and uses the advantage of the opponent's weak spots to give himself the advantage in fights. His lack of special abilities means that he has to rely primarily on this fighting skill of his. He has a masterful understanding of timing and he can put together incredibly accurate and powerful combinations. Kal can repel the attacks of his opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power. Because he practice this hand-to-hand skills daily and is constantly using them in combat, Kal counties to grow and improve in this area. His primary style is evading and weathering his opponents attacks while he carefully studies their style for holes. Kal learns very quickly, finding and understanding patterns in someone's fighting style after watching them just once. As such he will very rarely make the same mistake twice in combat.

Because Kal does not have a devil fruit or even some other manner of supernatural ability he is limited to using his physical prowess and martial arts to fight against a multitude of abilities. He will often simply take the attack head on, leading to large amounts of damage to his body.

Martial Arts

Kal is a highly-skilled and experienced martial artist who has studied under one of the great martial art masters, Fujimta for a great deal of his young life. Kal is highly knowledgeable in the mechanics and applications of countless martial art forms, from Template:W to Rokushiki to Fishman Karate. His broad knowledge and insight into the mechanics of martial arts allows him to effectively combat and counter other martial arts users and also in some instances copy and use forms and technique that he has observed. Just because Kal has knowledge of a martial art does not mean he can actually utilize it.

Kal has shown some skill with the Rokushiki martial arts style using Geppo to kick off the air and Shigan, to thrust his entire hand with enough force and speed to be able to penetrate a persons chest. He has also displayed excellent skill with Fishman Karate, transmitting the force of his punches through the water vapour in the air to release a shock wave that sends opponents flying.

Elemental Path

The Elemental Path is Kal's signature martial art style taught to him by his late sensei, Fujimata. The focus of this martial arts style is the either singular or combined elemental movements of water, fire, earth and water in the form of martial arts moves.

The first of the four forms, the Water Kata is used to move gracefully, with the fluidity of a flowing stream in order to counter quickly and effectively. The focus being counter striking. He usually keeps his open and pointed hands up in front of him to allow for parrying as well as quick and open-palmed strikes.

The second of the four forms, the Fire Kata is used to aggressively overwhelm ones opponent with ferocity and powerful strikes. The focus being. This is the form that Kal has the least skill with, preferring to use smaller combinations than the ones typically used in this form.

The third of the four forms, the Fire Kata is used to strike with power of with a strong and study guard. The focus being power.

The last of the four forms, the Wind Kata is used to evade ones opponent with great flexibility. The focus being agility.

Being a master in the use of all four forms, Kal can actively combine their individual strengths into his fighting style, making him a powerful and highly versatile martial artist that can utilize brutal combination techniques at will.


Though his preferred style of fighting is primarily hand-to-hand, Kal is quite a skilled weapons user and is particularly skilled with a sword, wielding Yamaarashi and several other bladed weapons like kunai with great skill. He has displayed excellent footwork when fighting with other skilled swordsmen, and his sword strikes are extremely swift and powerful. His ability with a sword is not limited to his large cleaving blade, he has also shown skill with a more traditional Template:W, using a stolen katana to defend against multiple swordsmen. He has displayed the ability to effectively wield a sword using a reverse grip as well as with his weak hand (his left hand).

Ninga Art

Template:W (or Shinobi) are rumoured to be supernatural beings with powers that allow them to bend the laws of nature. The primary method of combat used by these ninja is Template:W, as someone who has ninja experience and has been trained, Kal can use several ninja arts (忍法, ninpō) quite effectively. Like all other shinobi, Kal can transverse his surroundings by running up, down and across walls and ceilings, he can even run across water (though this is because of his speed). Unlike the shinobi of Wano Country, the shinobi of the now non-existent Fumi Country created a method of ninjutsu using unique techniques by utilising one's haki, referred to them as Life Force (生命力, Inochiryoku).

  • Bunshin no Jutsu (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu, literally meaning "Clone Technique"):
  • Enton no Jutsu (煙遁の術, Enton no Jutsu, literally meaning "Smoke Escape Technique"):
  • Shunshin no Jutsu (瞬身の術, Shunshin no Jutsu, literally meaning "Body Flicker Technique"): This is perhaps the most common technique used by shinobi as it is the basis for many, more advanced forms of ninjutsu. This technique requires the use of one of the fore-mentioned techniques, the Enton no Jutsu. The user will use smoke to disguise their movements, moving quickly with the smoke distracting their opponent, they are able to take them by surprise.
  • Mamoribaru (Template:Ruby, Takerikimaru, literally meaning "War Power Round"): A ninjutsu that utilizes haki.


Kal has proven to be quite intelligent several times. He has displayed keen skills of observation and analysis, as such he is very perceptive, he's able to deduce people's nature and their strength levels just by observing them and their habits. He has an excellent mind for combat, displaying an exceptionally high fight IQ. Rex is excellent at planning ahead of his opponents, this is aided by his high intelligence. This intelligence does not extend to his academics, doing very poorly at the little schooling he had.

He has the forethought to gather information on the many dangerous and powerful individuals around the world so that he can devise counter methods and plans if he comes across them. Another layer of his underrated intellect is the speed at which his mind functions and his perceptive nature. He quickly discerned Kenbunshoku Haki and it's fundamentals; figuring that filling his mind with random thoughts would throw of a particular skilled user of this haki and prevent them from reading his moves. He has demonstrated creative uses of Yamaarashi, using it as a step to jump higher, or as a weight to slow himself down after moving quickly allowing for a swift and uncoordinated attacks.

Miscellaneous Strengths and Weaknesses

Indomitable Will

Kal's most consistent and noteworthy trait and ability is his tremendous mental fortitude and indomitable willpower. Even from a young age Kal has shown to be incredibly resilient and determined. This is made evident by his commitment to his rigorous training regime. He has been pushing himself beyond his own limits time and time again in order to get stronger from a young age. Because of this fighting spirit he can continue to fight with all his might regardless of what happens; under no circumstances will he succumb to physical pain, carrying on even when he is coughing blood and littered with deep wounds, broken bones and damaged organs. He has demonstrated enough willpower to unaffected by a Haoshoku Haki users power.


Kal is an expert at meditating doing so to to calm his mind and hone his mind and his fighting skills.

Gambling Skill

Kal is highly skilled gambler with an exceptional poker face.

Stealth Skill

As someone with ninja training, Kal has displayed the ability to be incredibly sneaky.

Swimming Skill

Kal is a very strong swimmer, being able to swim against a powerful tide and hold his breath under water for several minutes while being smacked about by a fishman.


Kal has an erratic and volatile fear of spectres, wraiths, ghosts and other manner of supernatural and undead creatures including zombies. By adulthood this fear has subsided slightly, he still shivers in fear at the thought of them though.

Fear of Heights

Kal is scared of heights, feeling incredibly nauseous at

Sea Sickness

Kal has an uncanny sea sickness,


Kal has awakneeded the latent ability know as "Haki". Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. Haki's effect is described as being a physical materialisation of the users will. . Though most people go their entire lives without noticing and awakening it, there are a select few that do learn to use it and an even fewer that master it. Broadly speaking, there are two types of Haki available to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. In their simplest terms, Busoshoku Haki is the ability to use life force, Kenbunshoku Haki is the ability to sense spiritual enrgy and finally, Haoshoku Haki is the ability to control and overwhelm enemies. Kal's primary focus of haki is on Busoshoku Haki, using it to create an invisible armour for enhanced offense and defence. He has displayed quite a bit of skill with Kenbunshoku Haki, sensing the presence of those around him using life force. He is seemingly incapable of using Haoshoku Haki. The ability to use haki greatly compliments his fighting style.

Busoshoku Haki

Kal's Busoshoku Haki allows him to use his spirit to create, in essence, an invisible armour around himself, he is considered a master in the use of this haki. His primary use for this type of haki is to coat his fists and forearms with an invisible armour, which will manifest itself as a black pigment across his body. He can use this power to increase the strength of his strikes and to absorb the brunt force of an opponents attack. He can effectively combat devil fruit users with this haki and bypass a Logia-types intangible defences. His skill with this is such that he does not need to connect to cause damage, the force of the haki acting as an invisible extension of his body. This allows him to extend the range and force of his physical attacks considerably and implore enough force to send opponents flying. By directing these blasts of haki into the ground, he can cause ruptures and fissures, much like an earthquake. If the opponent he is combating does not utilise haki on his level then Kal can easily bypass any manner of defence they may possess. Naturally Kal can also use busoshoku haki on his weapons to increase their durability and cutting power.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kal's senses are far beyond what normal human's senses are and they were thought by him to be unexplained before but it is revealed it is very powerful Kenbunshoku Haki. His skill with this haki is so impressive that he can sense the presence of those around him even their intent, allowing him to predict their movements and react instantaneously to attacks he has not even seen. He can sense someone from a great distance if he has felt their presence before. He can to some extent, sense both the positive and negative emotions that someone is feeling based on how there bodies energies fluctuate. He can even fight without the use of any of his five senses, using the life aura of his opponent to pinpoint their positioning.

Haoshoku Haki



Kal is currently in possession of one of the Meito, Yamaarashi that he took from it's previous user, Guntar. Yamaarashi is a large, cleaving blade with incredible durability and cutting power. Kal will usually keep this sword on his ship, preferring to travel light.

Ninja Tools

Though he does not carry a lot of ninja weaponry and tools around on his person, unlike most ninja, Kal does carry around several items that he is proficient in the use of.

  • Shuriken (手裏剣, Shuriken, literally meaning "Throwing Star"): Template:W are small four-pronged, metal stars with a single small hole located in the middle of it. Kal possesses a large amount of these shuriken, which he can throw with expert precision.
  • Kunai (クナイ, Kunai): Like shuriken, Kunai are extremely common tools used by shinobi. They are a small black daggers with a small ring attached to the end of its handle. It is usually used for thrusting and stabbing but can also be used to parry other weapons as well as be used as a projectile.
  • Ryokudama (動力玉, Ryokudama, literally meaning "Power Ball"):