Blue is a solo-pirate, currently searching for crew members. He is the youngest pirate ever to reach a bounty over 100 000 beli. His bounty is 211 000 000.


Abilities and Powers:

Superhuman Strength:

Superhuman Speed:

Devil Fruit:

Neko Neko no mi, Model: Tiger (or sometimes called Tora Tora no mi): Blue has eaten this fruit, enabling him to transform into a tiger as well as a tiger-hybrid. The tigers fur is (as opposed to yellow/orange) dark blue/grey. Blue has demonstrated the use of "Semi-Transformation", the ability to only partially transform into a tiger or tiger-hybrid.


Busoshoku Haki: Blue has confirmed use of this type of Haki, using it in his attacks primarily to exploit the weakness of Devil Fruit users, as well as enhancing his attacks.


  • Yoake no Oji (Prince of Dawn): This is Blue's primary and technique. He either transforms into a tiger-hybrid or uses semi-transformation on his arm(s). He then rushes forward, and appears to the back of his opponent, with glowing claws. Shortly after, the target is sliced across the the front and is also burned. Blue usually holds his arms in a X-formation when appearing behind his opponent. The wound may also ignite, further burning the opponent.
  • Yoake no Oji: Remix (Prince of Dawn: Remix): As the name suggests, this is an alternate version of Yoake no Oji. Instead of rapidly slashing and passing by his opponent, Blue attacks them head on, slicing them diagonally with one (clawed) fist. The wound immediately bursts into flames, following the direction the cut was made.
  • Yoake no Oji: Teikoku Mix (Prince of Dawn: Imperial Mix): Another alternate version of Yoake no Oji. When leaping forward, he holds his arms in a X-formation. Also, when appearing behind his opponent, he rapidly reaches them out on both sides, cutting the enemy. The wound is immediately ignited, and his arms are enveloped in flame, stretching from the flame of the target towards his hands, acting like wings of fire. It is unknown in what way this attack is different from the original version.
  • Dodo to Tsume (Regal Claw): Blue first prepares to swiftly raise his right arm, positioning it right. He then uses his superhuman speed to quickly come near his opponent and as fast as he got there raise his arm. His victim is then struck upwards. This does not require partial or total transformation.

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