Blood Stone (血転変石 Tenpenseki - Blood Mutation Stone) is a mineral that can be found in minimal amounts across the Grand Line. Yet the biggest concentration occurs in the kingdom of the Chibampu, Chichima, because nearly the whole island consists of this subtance. It can empower the abilities of physics but changes the genetic code of organisms. The range of the Stone is much wider than of Kairoseki and is of a glowing red colour. Sometimes it is polluted by various small organisms like insects similar to amber what leads to the assumption that Blood Stone might change its consistence


Blood Stone acts as some kind drug on the Grand Line and is used to increase speed, strength, condition and intelligence of a human being but the excessive misusage leads to insanity and inmobility. Yet this effects partly result if the Stone is only carried around. If an organism is exposed to the Stone for more than six months in a row its genetic code is permanently changed. This mutation leads to superhuman abilities, a maddening bloodlust and even functional but hidden wings and is transferred to the next generation. Blood Stone is the origin of the Chibampu and one source of their superiority in battle. Even Devil Fruits seem to be influenced by the Stone. It seems to act as some kind of fertilizer for them. Many Chibampu believe Blood Stone to be the reason for the great number of Devil Fruit on Chichima.


All weapons whielded by members of the Chibampian Army are reinforced with Blood Stone to extend their own power limits. Unlike humans Chibampus don't suffer negative side effects. So they are even carried around as jewellery.