Benghi the "Laughing specter" is a former Shooting Star killed by Burguois D. Berret.


Benghi wore White clown make-up and wore a loose fitting black clown-like "suit". This all to reinforce his immage as a death clown.


Benghi came across as a jokester but was also very sadistic. He was also a coward and while he enjoyed tormenting his enemies he also never faced them head on.

Abilities and Powers

Dark Arts

Benghi was versed in dark arts. He was able to cause lethal damage by stabbing a targets shadow. This could be considered a form of voodoo, but the means of this technique were lost when he was terminted.

Devil Fruit

Benghi had eaten a Paramecia fruit known as the Tenmaku tenmaku no Mi, or the Drape Drape fruit. This allowed him to manipulate a black -cloth-like curtain to many different means, even making seemingly solid illusions and substituting the cloth for himself.


Though just a rookie, he seems to have some form of assasinatione xperience though he seems to have been rejected before he completed said training, even so his combined ability has given him a bounty of 210,000,000 Beli's as just a rookie.


Not much is known about Benghis early history other than he attended some form of assassinations training but was rejected for his cowardice and his pranks. However what he learned was enough to give him a high bounty even as a rookie. This made him one of the Seven Shooting Stars. He has fought another one of the Stars numerous times, Navess Deranger, and has prior knowledge of Shooting Star Aron Migol. He however had a shorter run then most as a star when he ran into the rookie Heavensent Pirates. After a struggle it seemd as though he had won until Burguois D. Berret trapped him in a Brrier cube and susequently terminated him. All three members survived the battle and the captain was given a new bounty and Benghis old position for his termination.

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