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The Bear Claw Pirates
Dream JR
Japanese Name: 熊の爪パイレーツ
Romanized Name: Kuma Tsume no Kaizoku
English Name: Bear Claw Pirates
Main Ship: The Manowar
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Captain: {{{captain}}}
Total Bounty: ???
"Having fun and kicking butt! That's what the Bear Claw Pirates are all about!"
—Crew's motto

The Bear Claw Pirates (熊の爪パイレーツ, Kuma Tsume no Kaizoku) are a new group of pirates in the Grand Line that have taken the world by storm. They are notable for their outrageous actions that defy all common sense, as well as directly defying and attacking the World Government on several occasions. They are named after the bear paw symbol on their captain's shoulder, given to him by Bartholomew Kuma. They are lead by Dhahaka D. Knave

Jolly Roger

The crew has a simple Jolly Roger, a grey bear claw (similar to the one on Knave's shoulder) above a set of crossed bones.

Crew Members

Bear Claw Pirates
KnaveMug Stormy Mug SidMug Pura Mug
Dhahaka D. Knave Stormy Buchanan Sid Cheney Pura Mihawk
Sirius Mug Mercuia Gopher CarsonMug
Morrigan Blacque Mercuia Gopher Carson

Professions and Capabilities




  • Their original name was The Dream Pirates.

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