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Baster Alex

Baster Alex

Baster Alex Post

Japanese Name: バスターアレックス
Romanized Name: Basutāarekkusu
English Name: Baster Alex
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Pegasus Wings Pirates
Occupations: First Mate; Shipwright
Epithet: (?)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:
Age: 20 (Debut)
22 (after timeskip)
Birthday: November 3rd
Height: 168cm (Before Time Skip)

170cm (After Time Skip)

Bounty: Bsymbol10450,000,000

Superhuman Strength

Toriko breaks iron ore small

At the very beginning of the series, Baster demonstrated immense strength, easily wielding a 76 mm steel rod wrapped with elevator cable as a fishing pole, and using it to pull from the sky a bird-like beast which tried to make off with his catch.

Superhuman Smell

He uses his highly developed sense of smell in order to gather information. He is even capable of detecting pheromones with his sense of smell, although he couldn't actually smell it. He can use smell alone to fight in complete darkness, although not very effectively.


Toriko Knocking Puffer Whale small

Baster is skilled enough to Rokushiki that he have traine during is all life.


Baster developed their versions of Rokushiki techniques.

Toriko cutting Grinpatch straw small
  • Fork (フォーク Fōku?) and Knife (ナイフ Naifu?): The first of Baster's Rokushiki attacks. He forms his left hand into a 'claw' position (Fork) and his right into a 'chopping' position (Knife). With Baster's strength he can easily pierce into a beast with his Fork then quickly cut them with his Knife.
Fork Nail Punch small
  • Fork Nail Punch (フォーク釘パンチ Fōku Kugi Panchi?): Baster, rather than scattering or concentrating it, combines the stabbing power of his Fork with the penetrative power of a Nail Punch, raising its overall piercing strength considerably.
  • Knife Nail Gun (ナイフネイルガン Naifu Neiru Gan?): By combining the cutting ability of his Knife to the piercing strength in Nail Gun Baster creates a powerful attack, capable of causing considerable damage.
  • Flying Fork and Knife (フライングフォーク Furaingu Fōku, フライングナイフ Furaingu Naifu): These 'Flying' attacks, speculated by Baster himself to be composed of Energy released subconsciously, are portrayed as actual forks and knives flying towards the target.
Leg Knife Ichiryuu small
  • Leg Fork and Knife (レッグフォーク Reggu Fōku, レッグナイフ Reggu Naifu): Baster version of Rankyaku these are far more powerful then Baster's regular Fork and Knife. Like the hand-based Fork and Knife, the Leg Fork and Leg Knife have long-ranged variations, called in some videogames Flying Leg Knife and Flying Leg Fork.
  • Leg Boomerang (レッグブーメラン Reggu Būmeran?): A technique derived from the Leg Knife. Leg boomerang seems to have enough power to scare Gaoh out of the way while causing a deep fissure in its wake and cut Gaoh's muscular body cleanly in half.

Twin Leg Boomerang small
  • Twin Leg Boomerang (ツインレッグブーメラン Tsuin Reggu Būmeran?): Baster sends two Flying Leg Knives consecutively one after another with his right leg, these ones then synchronize with the same position forming an x-shaped Flying Leg and separate symmetrically to fly back to the enemy.
  • Leg #-Hit Knife (レッグ#連ナイフ Reggu #-Ren Naifu?): Baster sends multiple concentrated Leg Knives.
  • Leg #-Hit Fork (レッグ#連ナイフ Reggu #-Ren Fōku?): Baster sends multiple concentrated Leg Forks.

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