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Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Bajaa
English Name: Badger
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Devil Fruit Pirates
Occupations: Archaeologist, Blacksmith
Japanese VA:

Badger is the Archaeologist and the blacksmith of the Devil Fruit Pirates who has eaten an unknown devil fruit. His partner is Jinjin the crew's shipwright.




Incredible Speed: He has unimaginable speed being able to appear behind a marine captain with almost no effort. He has also been able to execute attacks while utilizing his extreme speed.

Master Swordsman: He is also able to utilize a sword in battle and is quite proficient with it. He doesn't carry a sword but creates it by creating it from his devil fruit enhanced blood.

Master Linguist: he is also able to speak many languages and also write in them. He is also quite able to speak, write and translate in many ancient languages usually found in treasure maps.

Devil Fruit

He has been known to have eaten an unnown devil fruit which has given him the ability to manipulate his blood which has turned black and allows him to form it into weapons and also harden it and rapidly heal himself. He can also harden it while the blood is still in his body giving him an impenaterable defense.

  • Black Blood: Sword: This attack requires him to have a cut on is body and his blood pours out of it and solidifies into a long and thin black sword with a white stripe down the middle and a white handle with silver straps wrapped around it and the base of the blade. it can also extend and contract on command, a sheath can also be made from his blood to holster his blade.
  • Black Blood: Needles: This turns his blood into small rops and then they extend to form long thin black needles which can also contract to become handheld and fired at the foe.
  • Black Blood: Lance: He gathers all of his black blood into the air to shape a large lance which he fires at the foe which can cause a large amount of damage.


Badger vs Marine Ships

Devil Fruit Pirates vs marines


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