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The Axelerator Android series are a line of machines meant to protect the lab of the late Kinzoku Jull.

Abilities and Powers

Each line of Axelerator has exceeded the previous in one outlet or another, but it wasn't until the fourth version that the ability to swap between which outlet was in use came about.

  • Generation I: The original prototype models, they carried only a single engine in the torso that was used to control all motor functions and reactions. While powerful compared to a human, they were sluggish and only utilized for brute strength and the progression of construction work.
  • Generation II: The secondary line carried three engines in it's chasis, one within the torso and one to each leg. These were used for trials of speed and catching any criminals that could outpace the Marines.
  • Generation III: The prototype to the final line, it used a union of four engines to balance speed with strength and were built to compete with Great Seakame youth under the ocean.
  • Dalmyo: Simply referred to as Dalmyo due in part to being the sole Axelerator of the line, he was built to utilize ten engines across his frame, allowing a union of strength, speed, defense, agility, and intelligence. The perfection of the NAIL System within him is the final act separating this line from the precursors and even the Pacifistas.


These androids were created from the concept of Dr. Vegapunk's Pacifista line, like most of Kinzoku Jull's technology was in the early years. The point that truly seperated them came with the invention of his own idea in the form of the NAIL System and the prototype engines numbered 1-3, but most of that came much further along.

Generation I was and still is the worst to be developed, and it wasn't even a full six months after assembly and proper function testing before it was retired and the work of Generation II began.

The concept for the NAIL System was first introduced into Generation II in order to prevent it from accidentally harming or killing the subjects it was intended to apprehend, though once more trials had to be fully undertaken before it was adept at choosing correctly and numerable incidents are still remembered several years since.

The advent of Generation III came about roughly two years after the work of Generation II, and it was meant to handle the problem of the Great Seakame while Kinzoku worked to seal the agreement with them and his experiments with the Seed Orbs.

A long time later Kinzoku's nephew Kenta Senmaru took up the old work and captured one of the most progresively dangerous of the lot, repairing and rebuilding much of the old technology. It would later be fully developed into Dalmyo.

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