Axel Rayleigh
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Axel Rayleigh
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Demon Pirates, Shichibukai, World Government
Occupations: Pirate Captain
Japanese VA:
Captain of the Demon Pirates, he is the son of Silvers Rayleigh, former first mate of the Roger Pirates.

== Appearance==

Axel is a blond, blue eyed pirate. His clothing is blue, and he wears blue pants. His clothing has a secondary color of white. He is thin and moderately tall, and has the words Bloody Roger tattooed onto his left hand. On his right hand is the Demon Pirates Jolly Roger, the Bloody Roger.

== Personality ==

Axel is a fun loving individual. He is mostly quiet but will have an occasional outburst. He is sadistic during the course of a fight, and many think he is cruel because of how he loves to torture opponents. He is calm and strategic, and very, very intelligent.

== Abilities==

Axel is one of the most durable pirates. All three admirals had to fight him together with Garp to injure him severely. His healing rate is remarkable, and he is extremely fast. He posesses Haoshoku Haki, and has a powerful punch, thanks to his devil fruit. He is the strongest member of his ever changing crew and is therefore the captain. He is also a master of the Six powers, and knows how to use the Rokuogan.

= Devil Fruit=

Axel ate the San San no Mi, a Paramecia that allows the user to control acid. It is easily mistaken for a Logia, and is what gives Axel his power. The San San gives him control over Acid, and he uses it to its fullest. He is not as reliant of his Devil fruit as most other pirates.

== Relationships==


Father: Silvers Rayleigh


Florence Joukai

William "Psychopath" James

Kaji "Devil" Komura

Silvers Rayleigh

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