Ashii(葦) is young man and the brother of Sanjo Vista, he chose to follow Dragon seeing the World Government as too corrupt. He is a commander in the Revolutionary Army under the leadership of Monkey D. Dragon. He is headstrong believing that no one earthly entity should run the world. Also no one in the revolutionaries(other than Dragon) knows his last name and noble pedigree.

Japanese name
English Name
Ashii Vista(full name)
The Revolutionary Army Gorousei(former,family)
Revolutionary Commander
Ashii of the Revolution(革命の葦 Kakumeino Ashii)
Devil Fruit
Sanjo Vista~brother


Head strong and proud, Ashii is definitely never takes garbage from anyone. He unlike his brother likes the idea of charging into battle without a plan, though Ashii is actually very gifted in tactics and strategy. Ashii has very little patience and can be rather hasty in battle.


Abilities and Powers

Being a commander in the Revolutionary Army, Ashii is an incredibly powerful guy who can hold his own against most in the world(excluding people like the Yonkou,Admirals,Legends,Dragon,Drake,Mihawk). He has proved his strength many times for Dragons which is why he is a commander at his age. Ashii has high hand to hand combat abilities but also has elite skill in Roukishi due to his brother, which he would master over time in his spare time. Ashii wields powerful Nunchucks whose craftsmanship are of the highest grade(they are also fitted with retractable spikes). He has mastered his usage of these weapons. Haki

Ashii has the ability to use Busoshoku haki properly.




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