Ao Monāku
Japanese Name


Romanized Name Ao Monāku
English Name Blue Monarch
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates, Ikaruga

The Ao Monāku (青モナーク Blue Monarch) is a Jet Hover Board created and owned by Ikaruga.

Appearance and Design

Initially, the Monāku is a one-man dial jet board. The board was created from the shells of a Speedy Shrimp and blue scales of the Sky Shark, but the bow and the frames of the board has Kairoseki plating on it and two Jet Dials installed in both side of the board. The board itself seems to be a little over a meter and a half in length. Foot straps are also installed to secure the feet of the rider.

During the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Ikaruga was able to replace the scales and shells of the snowboard to Adam Wood with the help of Franky.

After the two years timeskip, she was able to upgrade it again, she converted it into a hover sailboard by adding eight small jet dials under the board that allows it to hover and a detachable sail, which is made from the fins of a very large and rare flying fish. The additional upgrades allows Ikaruga to control the hover sailboard with ease and effectively in land and by water. The name was changed to Ao Monāku.


Ao Monāku can be used to travel the Sea Clouds and the Blue Sea on foot. The main source of propulsion is the two Jet Dials instead of  Breath Dials, so it is able to go much faster than a normal jet board. After the time skip, it is now have the ability to "hover" even at the land thanks to the upgrades been done. The rider "rides" the board by standing on the rear portion of the using their weight and legs and the sail (optional since it's detachable) to control the board's trajectory.


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