"I don't have time to play with foolish children."

- Andronicus

Andronicus, formerly known as Zeus, is a former head of the Olympian Tribe and warrior King. He leads a secret army that serves an unknown purpose. He was also the creator of a powerful weapon of his former name. 


He originally was a gleaming light that symbolized the strength and power of the tribe of Olympus. He used to wear a white cloth around his right shoulder attached to his loincloth aorund his waist. His chest was bare and was well built with a six pack. His hair was white and his skin soft. After the Titan-Olympian War he changed his appearance as he did not want anyone to know of his existence. He changed his skin to a grey pale pigment. He replaced it with a black fur-trimmed overcoat that reveals his bare chest. His loincloth was replaced by black silk pants with two layers which covers his lower body completely. 


He was the a famous warrior and leader of the Olympian Tribe, which was a proud group of warriors. They sought to explore and conquer the world with their might. However, he came across Cronus, leader of the Titans, an equally powerful tribe. They exchanged and it eventually turned to a bitter rivalry. They clashed but neither opponent fell. They made a declaration of war and fought each others clans in the war. The battle between Cronus and Zeus couldn't be determined so they ceased their dual and instead began preparations to construct a deadly weapon to defeat the other. Zeus made a weapon that was based on his Goro Goro no Mi. He and Cronus activated the weapons which subsaquently ends the war. 

He and Cronus, who didn't know of his survival, also managed to escape the destruction of the war. He was bittered and different from his former self. He changed his appearance and became a wandering nomad. 

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