Ancient Sea Pirates


Japanese Name
Kodai kaizoku
English Name
Ancient Sea Pirates
Base of Operations

The Ancient Sea Pirates are a pirate crew in the New World, consisting of Prehistoric Fishmen and Merfolk. They are associates of the Dark Syndicate, having made a deal with the master, Zero. They are the main antagonists the Ancient Sea Pirates arc.


The Ancient Sea Pirates, as associates of the Syndicate, often patrol the seas under its control, raiding anyone who comes under their radar. Of particular note for them are other pirates, and some of the Syndicate's potential rivals. A portion of their plunder is given to the various organizations under the Dark Syndicate's umbrella, and in exchange, the Syndicate supports the pirates in their various endeavours and ventures.

The ultimate goal of the Ancient Sea Pirates is to take over Fishman Island, hoping to use the resources and manpower they gather under the Syndicate to launch their attack. This is their deal with Zero, that he would help them take Fishman Island in exchange their support. However, Zero never intended to fulfill his end of the bargain.


While their crew is smaller than some other crews, only having about 100 members, all members of the Ancient Sea Pirates are all capable fighters, trained in an offshoot of Fishman Karate called the Ancient Dance. Together, they are all skilled enough to bring down an entire Marine battleship without much issue. 

As associates of the Dark Syndicate, the Ancient Sea Pirates have a great amount of resources and money at their disposal. If need be, they can call upon favors from some of the lesser members, though they cannot make any reuqests of the core members. This can include manpower or simply money to recruit manpower.

For transportation, the Ancient Sea Pirates use a submarine called the Leviathan. The Leviathan is armed with torpedos and missiles, as well as machine guns.

Crew Members


  • Sauvage: Captain; Liopleurodon Fishman
  • Marsh: First Mate; Tylosaurus Merman
  • Drinker: Navigator; Elasmosaurus Fishman
  • Anning: Doctor; Icthyosaur Mermaid
  • Dunkle: Gunner; Dunkleosteus Fishman


  • Agassiz: Combatant; Megalodon Fishman
  • Leeds: Combatant;  Leedsichthys Fishman
  • Stern/Berg: Combatants; Xiphactinus Fishmen
  • Halla: Cabin Girl; Orthocone Mermaid


Ancient Sea Pirates Arc

Acero Arc

Dark Syndicate Scraps Arc


  • Most of the officers are named after the people who discovered the creatures that serve as their bases.
  • Ironically, most of the high ranking members, being reptiles opposed to fish, are incapable of breathing underwater, and must go to the surface in order to breathe.

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