Amore De La Thatch is the former Revolutionary 2nd captain, and possibly the worlds second most wanted man. He is currently imprisoned on Kairoseki Islands' center level the "Cracked Wine room,"

Amore De La Thatch
Age 33
Birth name Alex Maritine
Also known as The Rose Saware
Birth Date Febuary 20
Height 6'2
Weight 132
Origin Garabaldi Island
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Former Rvolutionary
Affiliation Rvolutionary 2nd captain, Former
Bounty Bsymbol10 778,000,000
Love Unknown
Devil Fruit Nikyu Nikyu no Mi,Model:Footprint

"Jump out the window if you are the object of passion. Flee it if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains."


Amore is a tall, slim young man with Brown-pink hair and blue eyes, often well-dressed,he keeps his hair feathered.He wears a black vest over an scarlet , pinstriped shirt,with a rose clipped to his Lapel and golden cufflinks.He also wears black pants with, pointed dress shoes.He is extremely clean-cut and steadfast in keeping his appearance neat and tidy


Amore is often best described as. Raging homosexual. He openly flirts wilt anyone who he deems cute thinking up cute nicknames for his crushes on the spot. His attitude is extremely flamboyant and sly, he often attempts to seduce men almost the instant he meets them, with actual results. Amore is very opinionated and is not shy about letting others know it. Amore’s boundless confidence and intelligence radiates of his fingertips, while his caring and loving heart springs off his smile.

He is also known to be Adduneihu Adduneihi’s best friend, due to their somewhat extravagant personalities. The two spent much of their teenage life together training and became fast friends in their youth. When finally joining the council the two remained very close, if only for the fact that they see each other everyday.

Despite Amore's outrageous personality, he can have a serious side, such as when in Council meetings and when the situation calls for it. He also has somewhat of a temper and will often retaliate with verbal lashings to his opponent. This falls under the category of mainly straight men, who seem to anger and frustrate Amore to no end.

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