The fishman Alodon is one of the few ancients to still be alive in the present day.


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Abilities and Powers

Standing twenty feet tall, Alodon's frame is overflowing with physical strength. Where as the average fishman is ten times as powerful as the average human, Alodon surpasses the deceased Pirate Whitebeard during the latters prime.

The island Dowsh'a Jull was reduced in landmass from a small continent of sixty miles to a broken and barren plane only a tenth of that before he was captured.


While it remains unknown what caused he and his brethren to turn toward violence, the destruction reaped by them over a two year period stands out as one of the most chaotic events in forgotten/suppressed history.

Eventually Arktoma Eta gathered an opposite group to subdue them and dragged Alodon far beneath the surface of the seas, defeating threat after threat at such depths before coming down the undersea volcano at the farthest point beyond all other known living creatures and barely edging out a victory over the Great Seakame there.

After that Alodon was kept watch over between the two groups until he was cryogenically frozen for several centures.


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Alodon is based on the Megaladon species of shark.

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