The Alo Pirates are a group of pirates, sometimes referred to as the "White-Hair" pirates, originating from East Blue. They have an active anti-marine stance. Their captain is Alo K. Rikon .

Main members

Alo K. Rikon : Captain. Formed the Alo Pirates after a prison break in East Blue. Is driven by his desire to replace Shanks. His "Murderous Aura" renders Logia and most Paramecia Devil Fruits useless against him.

Sil D. Connor : First mate. Sailed with Rikon since the begining. Despises marines more than the rest of the crew combined. Also, a pervert. He uses the Hedoro Hedoro no mi .

Kara L. Peter : Quartermaster. Captured during a battle with the Blackheart Pirates. A cold-blooded killer who uses the Mokin Mokin no mi .

Ali : "Connor's girl". Joined after eating the Juryoku Juryoku no mi . Loves Connor without question. Shares a room with Connor to "protect" her from the rank-and-file crew.

Renard D. Katrina , aka "Cat": Joined after her defeat at the hands of Connor in Leafa. Has a crush on Connor. Younger sister of Maria.

Renard A. Maria : Joined after her defeat at the hands of Rikon in Leafa. Was the pirate who started Connor onto the life of piracy. Uses the Hito Hito no mi model Succubus. Older sister of Cat.


  • Most of Rikon's "mook" crew were former prisoners of the marines.
  • Rikon's ship, The White-Hair Freedom, was once a marine ship though it was later customized.
  • Half of the main crew members were once members of another pirate crew.
  • Rikon and Cat are presently the only members who do not use Devil Fruit powers.

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