Alo K. Rikon

Alo K. Rikon is the captain of the Alo Pirates and a personal friend of Sil D. Connor's . He is regarded as quite a strogn and honorable pirate. He dreams of one day replacing Shanks as one of the greatest pirates of all times.


Despite being a pirate, Rikon chooses to wear a very samurai-esque chest plate underneath his white jacket. He has white hair and wears a white headband on his head.


Rikon is a fairly laid-back person, though he is quick to anger, though he retains a sense of calm even when enraged. He never once loses control over himself, excluding when ANY of his crew are killed, or presumably killed in one instance with Connor. He is extremely caring of his crew, vowing to avenge every one who fall in battle.

Powers and Abilities

Expert Swordsman: Rikon is an excellent swordsman, able to defeat adversaries with little to no effort at all.

Murderous Instinct

Rikon's most distinctive abilty is the Aura of Murder. This power reflects Rikon's in born desire and ability to kill. He is able to apply in a variety of ways, even killing weak foes simply by looking at them, though keeps this power suppressed. Unlike Haki, this power can nullify the effects of Logia Devil Fruits as well as the gravity powers of the Juryoku Juryoku no mi, though the extent of this nullification powers is yet to be seen beyond this.


Serrated Sword: Rikon is only shown holding or wielding a single serrated sword with a Katana handle and guard. He is able to use it with ease.

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