Alice Riddle
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Alice Riddle
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Dark Moon Pirates
Occupations: Cabin Girl
Epithet: Blood Malice
Japanese VA:
Age: 18
Bounty: N/A


Alice is a young woman with pale skin, bright green eyes, and shoulder-length, straight brown hair. She wears a blue dress with puffy sleeves that stops at her knees with a white pinafore. She also wears black boots that come to her knees.


Alice is a complicated person to describe. Most of the time, she is distant, though when she does talk she is usually very well-spoken and polite, and is mature beyond what one would except of a girl her age. She can be quick to anger in battle, but is generally one of the calmer members. She is rather self-sacrificing, however, and will sometimes try to protect her crew mates from enemies, despite them obviously being too much for her. Others have also noticed how she is unusually brutal in battle. Among her crew members, she is usually more open, and usually laughs quietly at her friends' antics.


Alice's main weapon is her voulge, a type of spear with a large knife-like blade on it. Alice's voulge, named Dymphna, has a pointed blade on one end, and a rectangular blade that resembles a cleaver on the opposite end facing the opposite direction. The weapon is lightweight and allows her to weave through crowds of enemies. Also, by spilling blood on the weapon, she can create ranged attacks by moving her spear so quickly she can create blades of blood strong enough to nick stone.

Strangely, Alice also has developed some sort of telepathic connection to her pet cat, Carol. Through her, Alice can communicate with other animals.


  • Alice is themed after the titular character of American McGee's Alice, who is, in turn, based on Alice Liddell of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alice's weapon, Dymphna, is named after the Christian patron saint of people with mental disorders.

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