Ali is Sil D. Connor's primary love interest and a fellow member of the Alo Pirates. She joined the crew after eating the Juryoku Juryoku no mi , following the death of the Fruit's previous eater.


Ali has pale skin and long, flowing light blue hair. Her eyes are red and she has red "teardrops" on her cheeks. She often wears a white and black outfit with a see through skirt. She is a petite girl, though she is also an agile one.


Ali is an innocent, but manipulative girl, eager to prove herself to Connor in an attempt to win his affection. She loves Connor without question, her admiration for him increasing after he defeated Kara L. Peter . She enjoys being in Alo K. Rikon's company, thinking him to be "fun".

Powers and Abilities

Extreme cuteness: Not nessecarily a power, but Ali is considered extremely cute which often allows her to gain an upperhand on all but the most cold-hearted of souls...and Peter.

High Intelligence: Ali understands how people think and how to use the human thought process to her advantage. This was most evident when she ate the Juryoku Juryoku no mi in order to convince Rikon to let her join the Alo Pirates.

The Power of Love: Again, maybe not a true power, but Ali's absolute devotion to Connor prevents her from ever attacking Connor. EVER. Even when hypnotised, Ali will not attack Connor. Her love for Connor can even allow her to resist forms of mind control if Connor is within her sensory range.

Devil Fruit Abilities

The Juryoku Juryoku no mi allows the user to manipulate gravity in an area of effect or even compress spheres of gravity to attack a foe. The drawback of this fruit is that it's more destructive abilities are unsuited for sea-based engagements or close quarters combat as while the user may manipulate gravity, they are not immune to the harmful effects of this manipulation.

Float: Ali manipulates the gravity around her to allow herself to float. This ability can also be used to regain balance.

Sphere Shot: Ali compresses a sphere of gravity and fires it at her foe.

Pin: Ali strengthens gravity around an individual, preventing them from moving.

  • Crush: Same as the above ability, but is used for crushing instead.

Destruction: Ali strengthens gravity in a large area, ensuring that there is a "safe zone" around her.


  • Like Connor, Ali is not above using her Devil Fruit powers for perverted or personal gain.
  • She seems to become less self-conscious regarding her how revealing her outfit is due to Connor's constant pranks involving her clothes being dissolved.
  • Ali refuses to attack Connor, even when hypnotised, giving proof to the phrase "Love conquers all".

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