Algoran Doreth is a traitor from the Land of Krosia who escaped and now causes Havoc in the New World.


Algoran Doreth has taken many forms since her eating of the Kumo Kumo no MI. Originally she appeared as she does at the right.. She had brown hair and brown eyes and wore a yello hat and scarf aswell as some form of purple and blue garment. She often carried around a red fan. This form, her original, was shed long ago as it did not please her, she stated it was not nearly "beautiful enough".

She currently resembles some sort of mermaid or fish woman. This form which she claims is superior is that of a mythical "Undine" or water spirit.
She currently wears a much more revealing tight one piece body suit with matching guantlets and anklets aswell as a matching hat or helmet. The guantlets and the helmet are adorned with ruby like gems. Her skin is tinged a greenish blue and she has fins growning from above her hips and by her ears. Here eyes are now red and her left eye has longer bottom lashes than the other. Her hair a now shimmering Aqua blu is held up inside her helmet.

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