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Akumu about to torture Nami

Akumu about to use his Devil Fruit Ability on Nami.

Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Akumu
First Appearance:
Affiliations: None
Occupations: none
Epithet: The Lord of Demons.
Japanese VA:
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6ft 3 in normal form. 12ft in True Form
Bounty: None
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Osore Osore no Mi
English Name: Fear Fear Fruit
Meaning: Fear
Type: Paramecia


In his "Human" form he is a tall handsome man with pale blue skin, long black hair and dark eyes, he also has horns on his head and sometimes he can sprout out wings from his back. In his true form, Akumu is more monster-like as he is much taller and muscular, sharper teeth and claws, he has a wider wing span and a long thick tail.


Akumu is described to be extremely cruel, cold and ruthless. He is very sadistic and manipulative towards his victims and even his own minions. He enjoys seeing his victims suffer from his devil fruit ability.

Abilities and Powers

Being a demon, Akumu is much stronger than a regular human as he was able to lift a large pillar with ease. He uses his wings to fly in the air or even defend himself from certain attacks. When in true form his strong increases in ten fold and he uses his tail as a weapon.

Devil Fruit

Akumu ate the Osore Osore no Mi (Fear Fear Fruit) which gives him the ability to control and manipulate people's worst fears.




Major Battles

Akumu vs Nami

Akumu vs Strawhat Pirates

Akumu vs Luffy


  • Even though Akumu isn't a pirate but if he was, his bounty would be worth 450,000,000.
  • His voice actor would be Ron Perlman (Voice of Slade from Teen Titans) and his Seiyuu would be Tetsuya Iwanaga (voice of Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh)

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