Japanese Name: ヘリオススルゼー
Romanized Name: Aki
English Name: Aki
First Appearance:
Affiliations: none
Japanese VA:
Age: unknown
Birthday: October 5th
Height: 5'7
Aki, is the mother of Ryuu Tsubasa, Taiki Tsubasa and Kai Tsubasa. She also the wife of Aiko Tsubasa. She is also th grandmother of Jake Tsubasa, Emi and Hana. She died from a very rare disease that still nobody found it healing.


Aki has long hair colored a mixture of black and various shades of blue. Her eyes are Crimson and a little biased, full of concentric rings. She is usually seen wearing a scarf with a pattern of growth-ring and a furisode with a butterfly motif along the hem and bottom of sleeves.


Powers & Abilities


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