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Aiko Tsubasa, is the father of Ryuu Tsubasa, Taiki Tsubasa and Kai Tsubasa, he is marrid with Aki. He is the leader of the family and the island Tsubasa Tsubasa. He never authorized his son to be a pirate wanting him to be a marine.


Aiko is a small man compared with their children who are quite high. As their children have their hair back, his head also extends to bring. He always wears normal clothes of his family which is a type of Kimono. The part of his head that extends back has several marks that separate it into four parts and the Mitchell-hedges skull.


Aiko is very grumpy and at the same time, a pervert or a old simpatico simply. He rarely sulk one of the moments in which he showed was when Ryuu leave the island to be a pirate. He broke it up as soon as the news to bring him back. He also likes to spy on the girls when they're in the thermal baths on their island and in female toilets especially Nami when Ryuu's not around and eventually be kicked by her. He is usually an old Nice especially when he came back to try to bring the island to Ryuu when her son became the leader of the family and the island.

Powers & Abilities


It was said that in his days Aiko was one of the strongest sailors of all time being a retired Admiral in the Navy. Having faced giants, Fishmens, and all kinds of pirates. Now his strength seems to have decide to more and half now his children are able to defeat him easily. He can still use the three types of Haki although not with as much ability as when I was young. His physical strength is still quite being able to take a punch from a giant with only one foot. A sample of his great strength and skill is the fact of having trained their kids to the point of the can win except for Ryuu which became stronger with the Straw Hat Pirates.


He has great skills as a swordsman and as Smith having taught enough to Ryuu being the only one who wanted to learn how to be a blacksmith and wearing a sword. Your blacksmith skill are known worldwide as being one of the best ever.



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