Adduneihi Family is often considered the worlds most powerful family having legendary strength along with amazing intelligence. Most of the family is widely considered dangerous criminals for the fact their great power has often led them to take whatever they please , knowing full well that no one has the strength to stop them. Others are different ,such as Adduneihu . He was imprisoned for his family history not necessarily for his pirate actions.


  • Mother:Lulu Cava
  • Father:Unknown
  • 1st Son :Buromistace Adduneihi
  • 2nd Son: Njote Adduneihi
  • 3d Son:Asula Laguana Adduneihi
  • 4th Son : Coryongia (Cory) Adduneihi
  • 5th Son  : Adduneihu Adduneihi


While not all the speific powers are known the power ranking of the Adduneihi children are as listed:


  • Adduneihi-(Add-ew-nay-he)
  • Buronistace-(Ber-omm-e-stace)
  • Njote-(Knee-ho-tay)
  • Coryongia-(Cory-on-ga)
  • Adduneihu-(Add-ew-knee-who)

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