Black Jack Pirates

The current roster of the Toma, save for Tora.

This article, A Day in the Life (Red Robin Pirates), is property of Zeon1.

A Day in the Life is a short fanfiction about an ordinary day aboard the Toma, and in the Red Robin Pirates in general..


Early Morning

It was the middle of the ocean in the South Blue. A few islands were visible as specks from the main deck of the Toma, a old, but in fine repair ship that currently held the crew of the one of the most feared pirates in the South Blue, next to the Rainy Day Pirates. The Red Robin Pirates.

As the sun slowly slid upward in the dome that was known as the sky, impercepitble stirrings were heard inside the ship. The Red Robin Pirates slowly began to awaken.

Inside the incredibly sparse laundry room, Pounce D. Luk slept soundly, his cheek pressed against a small basin that had once been full of water. Across the room, a door with a small moon sign was posted. Luk snorted slightly, twisting around.

The door creaked open. A small, bipedal tiger slipped into the room, scratching some stubble at his chin.

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