Ora Ora no Mi

Romanized Name: Ōra Ōra no Mi

English Name: Aura Aura Fruit

Type: Paramecia
Meaning: Ora is the japanese name for Aura
User: Sapphire Rose

The Ōra Ōra no Mi is Paramecia Devil Fruit that allows theuser to control their natural energy, life-force or Aura. However they can only manipulate their own energy and not other peoples. It was eaten by the archelogist of the Wolf Fang Pirates.


The Ora Ora no Mi is a dark teal, pear like Devil Fruit with the common Devil Fruit swirls. It also has a root that looks somewhat like a tree branch. 

Strenghths and Weaknesses

The user can manipulate energy in various ways. However, this ability deals with the energy of their spiritual essence instead of the entire universe. Aura is the energy that is formed from one's achievement of spiritual power through extreme mental focus and strong emotions. Users of this power are able to increase their natural abilities, attract and repel the aura of others, sense the aura, and project it. Types of aura are located in different parts of the physical body such as the forehead, spine, throat, heart, and stomach. The power of the aura also changes with one's mood. Users can sense, generate and manipulate the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe. They are able to control their own personal life-force that dwells within them, allowing them to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings. The user can also channel it through weapons. User uses physical, spiritual, and mental powers to control their life force. Aura has 7 different forms. There is also positive and negative aura(energy).

Red - Deals with physical nature.

Orange - Deals with emotion. 

Yellow - Deals with self-energy and willpower.

Green - Deals with psychic healing. 

Blue - Deals with intelligence. 

Indigo - Deals with mental communication. 

Violet - Deals with awareness of illusions and obtaining a higher consciousness.

A weakness that the fruit has is that the user can actually run out of there aura for a while if used to much, also they can only control their own natural energy and not anyone elses. Also, the negative energy can overpower the positive energy, turning the user naturally angry. Other than that, it is effected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Sapphire uses it mostly for intellectual and ttack purposes.

Aura Sphere: Sapphire's most basic technique. He concentrates his aura into the form of an orb that can vary in both size and power.

Aura Barrage: Sapphire projects his aura in many forms of destructive forces of energies.

Aura Gatling: Sapphire enhances his fists with his aura and punches at speeds that are very hard to react to.

Hyper Beam: Sapphire projects his aura in the form of a powerful beam of energy that can be varied in the range.

Breath of Life: She discharges an aura blast from mouth.


  • The fruit is one of the top ten hardest to find.

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