==Appearance and Personality




Dante is the treasurer and first mate of the Dax Raider Pirates. He is tall and muscular with white hair and blue eyes. He is sort of a antihero . He is very arrogant and reckless as he rushes into things. He is cunning and able to adapt to different situations.He is disloyal and never completely obeys the captains orders. He is very moody and sleepy and he loves money and treasure. He can be very honourable.


He only uses his logia powers but he has a little bit of kenbunshouko haki.

Hari Hari no mi

Hurricane Suction. He creates a thick tornado from that starts at his shoulder it sucks and disarms most weaker enemies.

Hurricane Spray. He releases all the objects over the enemies.

Hurricane sweep. He creates a massive hurricane that starts at his shoulder and sweeps it sideways smashing enemies out the way.

Hurricane fist. He shoots out with tremendous force. It can shatter steel.

Hurricane primus. He creates a small tornado and releases it

Hurricane Secundus. He creates a big tornado and releases it.


Dax- He treats Dax as a rival but they can rely on each other as friends. He acknowledges his captains incredible strength.

Tiara - just respect

Raysun - He finds Raysun childish and annoying.

Zeon - They are good friends and talk a lot

Tiron- He thinks of Tiron as a brat. But he would risk his life to save him.

Violet -She is scared of him.

Zeke - A friend. Dante admires his skill.

Maya - He desperately tries to avoid her advances and often runs away. He actually likes her though but he's nervous around girls.

Wakey - They are very good friends and Wakey looks up to him as a brother.

Skylette- Just Respect.


Early life.

Not much is known apart from the fact he lived with his parents and worked in a pawnshop.

Bounty Hunter

He became a expert bounty Hunter and had clean record of capturing pirates.

Dax raiders

He lost to Violet's seastone knuckles when she punched him very hard in the face. They saved him to add insult to injury and he joined because he couldn't face his employer and the people who betted on him.

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