'Sea Sky' Violet - Artist/Assistant Navigator- 20 years.

Violet is a artist and navigator of the Dax Raider pirates, a pirate crew from the South Blue, She is a mermaid and has the second lowest bounty in the crew. She became a crewmate when her kingdom was saved by them.


Violet is a young mermaid who is generally seen wearing a t-shirt and carrying a scrapbook full of her paintings. The t-shirt she is usually seen wearing in particular is of the same fashion brand, Criminal which she loves. She is specifically a Flying fish mermaid. Being a mermaid she is very pretty. And as a reference to the type of fish she is, she has wings that allow her to fly for 5 minutes. As she contains traits from flying fish and mermaids she is one of the fastest creatures in water.

She has light purple hair and dark pink eyes. Her outfit consists of a revealing pink top that exposes a fair amount of cleavage of her breasts.


She is extremely naive and polite to people around her. She ca She often thinks of others before herself, risking her life to help anyone who needs her. She is also extremely brave when she needs to be, going up against powerful enemies to help her friends despite clearly being outmatched. This led to abandon her no fighting principles and obtain a pair of seastone knuckles. She is reluctant to fight. When she argues, Violet has a hard time coming up with insults, usually just saying something of little offense and has a habit of biting her bottom lip when she is tense.


Dax- She is on very good terms with dax because he saved her island. She often finds out current speeds and helps to navigate them. She is very loyal to him

Tiara - She respects Tiara as the first mate

Raysun- They don't talk much

Zeon- She is on very good terms with him.

Tiron- She likes Tiron like a little brother and tells him storys about the sea as a hobby on the ship.

Dante- She is slighty scared of him

Zeke - She is very good friends with him

Maya- They are ok friends

Wakey - They talk much.

Skylette. The best of friends.



Meeting the 'D raiders'

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